citizenM chooses tradeinterop for global e-invoicing rollout

citizenM, with hotels in Europe, Asia and the US, chooses tradeinterop to send and receive e-invoices. Via tradeinterop, citizenM is connected to the international Peppol network and linked to country-specific systems so that citizenM is always compliant with regulations in the country where a hotel is located.

In addition to being compliant for sending invoices, citizenM has also made the switch to receiving e-invoices. Receiving e-invoices has many advantages over paper or PDF invoices. It is not only more sustainable, but also saves a lot of time. E-invoices are booked automatically, without any manual intervention.

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Peppol and country-specific systems for e-invoicing

To securely exchange e-invoices, citizenM is connected to the international Peppol network via tradeinterop. Peppol started as a European initiative, but now companies and governments in 41 countries are using this secure network.

Not all countries support Peppol. There are countries where connection to a government system is mandatory, for example because it is directly tied to the local tax system. Tradeinterop provides connectivity to these systems, including in Italy, France, and Denmark.

Dennis Nap, Team leader Tech Centralisation: “We have hotels all over the world and compliance is therefore important. In Italy, for example, an invoice must meet certain technical specifications and be sent to the authorities there. After checking, they send the invoice to the correct recipient. If you don’t do this, you get fined and, in addition, it causes problems during audits. Tradeinterop takes care of all the connections with country-specific systems and with Peppol. That makes it very easy for us. We can also just keep using our existing software. We not only send e-invoices, but also receive more and more e-invoices from our suppliers. This saves us a lot of time and we really see the workload going down.”

Henk van Koeverden, CEO at tradeinterop: “For international organisations, it is quite complicated to be compliant in every country. The rules differ and just being technically connected to the required network is not easy in every country. For citizenM, we remove these obstacles. By connecting to the Peppol network as well, it is very easy for international customers and suppliers to exchange e-invoices with citizenM. citizenM can continue to send and receive invoices via their own software. We do the rest.”

About citizenM

citizenM has hotels all over the world. It is a lifestyle brand and a hybrid hotel for the modern traveller looking for affordable luxury.

Want to know more?

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