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Digital transformation of the procurement and invoicing process

The internet has caused companies to digitise their processes at a rapid pace. Communication is mainly digital, data is often stored digitally and software increasingly runs in the cloud.

One of the last business processes that is about to change fundamentally is the process of doing business. Tasks that are currently often still performed manually are rapidly being automated.

Is your organisation already prepared for the digital transformation of your procurement and invoicing processes? We support you in analysing your wishes, organisation and possibilities. Based on our knowledge and years of experience, we advise you on the best strategy.

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Questions that require a good answer

E-invoicing is becoming more accessible and e-ordering is also on the horizon. Many organisations are struggling with important questions such as:

  • What developments are there in the field of e-invoicing and e-ordering and which are relevant to me?

  • What solutions are available on the market to facilitate this and how do they relate to each other and to our existing software landscape?

  • How do I implement the chosen solution properly within our organisation?

  • How do I get suppliers and customers to embrace more efficient ways of doing business?

Tradeinterop consulting helps you with…

E-procurement &

We provide insight into the latest developments in the digitisation of the procurement and invoicing process and help you develop a roadmap for your digital transformation strategy.

Technology & features

We advise you on which functionalities and technologies best suit your ambitions to digitise your business processes.


We help you to formulate an approach (and its implementation) to include your customers and/or your suppliers in your digital transformation project.

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