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Supplier onboarding

What is supplier onboarding?

To take advantage of all the benefits of receiving e-invoices, you need your suppliers. After all, they are the ones who have to deliver the e-invoices. To ensure that your organisation receives as many e-invoices as possible, ask them to make the switch to e-invoicing. This process of educating, informing and supporting your suppliers in switching to e-invoicing is called supplier sonboarding.

Organisations that want to receive e-invoices often start with the technical implementation. Very logical, but still it is good to think about the onboarding of your suppliers before the implementation. For example, your suppliers may already be able to deliver e-invoices through a certain channel or many of them may not use accounting software. These are all things you can take into account when implementing e-invoicing. This allows you to make it as easy as possible for your suppliers to deliver e-invoices, which ultimately results in more e-invoices.

supplier onboarding

Insight with the onboarding quick scan

Supplier onboarding tradeinteorp quickscan

Before you start onboarding, it is good to know where your organisation stands now. With the free onboarding quickscan, you will gain insight into your organisation within 10 minutes and compare your situation with industry benchmarks.

Onboard your suppliers yourself or outsource

Supplier onboarding is often underestimated. It is assumed that an e-mail to the supplier is sufficient to let them send e-invoices. In reality, this is not so simple. The onboarding of suppliers is not done overnight. It takes a lot of time.

Do you want to take serious steps towards optimising your incoming invoice flow, save time, prevent fraud and double payments, reduce the number of manual errors and always have up-to-date insight into the state of affairs? Then it’s time to get to work on supplier onboarding.

Getting help with onboarding

Successful onboarding requires knowledge, experience, a good strategy and the right tools. Tradeinterop can help you with this.

Onboard your suppliers yourself

Do you choose to onboard your suppliers yourself? Then download this free white paper to find out what it takes to successfully on-board your suppliers.

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