we help you with the onboarding of your suppliers


The solution for supplier onboarding

Tradeinvite is the supplier activation platform of tradeinterop. The platform manages the onboarding process of all your suppliers. In order to get as many suppliers as possible to switch to e-invoicing, we onboard not only your large, but also your small suppliers. Tradeinvite is suitable for every organisation that wants to onboard suppliers, without having to dedicate a lot of time, employees and tools to this task.

Online activation campaigns

Tradeinvite makes it easy for companies to onboard large numbers of suppliers. The platform analyses the profiles and then manages the onboarding flows.

Education, dialogue & activation of suppliers

We make it easy and straightforward for your suppliers to get started with e-invoicing. Through personalised and targeted e-mails, suppliers are guided step-by-step through the process of embracing e-invoicing.

Continuous improvement on process optimisation

Tradeinvite does not stop when the supplier is on board. In combination with the continuously optimised tradeinterop platform, tradeinvite invites you to work even more efficiently and save more costs.

The process of onboarding

In 4 phases, suppliers are taken along in the embrace of e-invoicing:

Aquire: The supplier is invited via email and involved in e-invoicing.

Onboard: Via the tradeinterop platform, the supplier is onboarded on the portal or in some other way.

Engage: Supplier is assisted in getting started with e-invoicing.

Retent: Customer and supplier are helped with continuous improvements.

tradeinvite supplier onboarding