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Tradeinvite; the solution for supplier onboarding

Getting your suppliers to switch to e-invoicing

Can your organisation receive e-invoices? Then it’s time to get your suppliers to switch to e-invoicing. Why use the help of tradeinterop?

  • We have the right expertise

  • Our tooling makes the switch easy for your suppliers

  • We transfer our knowledge to you so that you are ready for the future


What is tradeinvite?

With tradeinvite, we help you to onboard your suppliers to e-invoicing. For this we use our platform, the Onboarding Manager we developed ourselves and the extensive experience we have gained in the field of supplier onboarding.

Defining a strategy

We start by analysing your suppliers and the channels your organisation has available for receiving e-invoices. Based on this, we determine together the internal and external strategy for the onboarding of your suppliers.

Receiving e-invoices

We help your suppliers to easily submit e-invoices. We convert their e-invoices to the format your software uses and deliver the e-invoices in the desired way (e.g. via Peppol). Is a supplier unable to e-invoice? Then it is easy to create an e-invoice in our e-invoicing portal.

Training of employees

We help your organisation with the onboarding of your suppliers. We do this not only for you, but also with you. After all, supplier onboarding is an ongoing process.

During the process, we transfer our knowledge through workshops and training sessions. The aim of this is that your organisation can eventually take over the onboarding of suppliers itself. As a result, your organisation is able to onboard suppliers efficiently, build internal expertise and maintain control itself.


Onboarding Manager

Our Onboarding Manager makes supplier onboarding much easier:

Invite all your suppliers: Invite not only your big suppliers but also the smaller ones. Do you have many suppliers? You can also send the e-mails in several batches.

Customised information: Support your suppliers with the right information and in the style that suits your organisation.

Send reminders: You can easily send reminders to suppliers who have not opened the e-mail.

Monitor the results: In the dashboard you can see in real time how your e-mail campaigns are performing. View the opens, clicks and bounces and optimise your campaigns immediately where necessary.

Dashboard tradeinvite


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