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Insight into your invoicing process

We believe that e-invoicing is just the beginning. There are many possibilities to optimise processes, but this requires insight. Tradeinsights gives you this insight. Tradeinsights is the business intelligence module of tradeinterop. It gives you real-time insight into your data on sending, receiving and processing e-invoices.

tradeinsights dashboard


With tradeinsights, you keep your customer and supplier records up to date with legal payment terms and keep all invoices, orders and other communications safe in one place.

View the status of the invoices and orders you have sent and received and check the status per document. This way, if you have questions about invoices and orders, you can always find the correct status.


Analyse which suppliers and customers have started to use e-invoicing.

Also look at which suppliers are responsible for the most invoice failures and what the reason for the failure is.

This allows you to continuously improve the quality of your invoice flows.


Get advanced insights into your invoice flows and anomalies, such as sudden increases or decreases in the number of e-invoices from a supplier, major changes in master data used, sudden increases in specific error codes, etc.

Tradeinsights helps you gain insight to continue to optimise your processes.