directly connected to the secure peppol network

Peppol Access Point as a Service

With tradeinterop Access Point as a Service you connect your financial software directly to the Peppol network. This allows you to maintain your existing invoicing or invoice-receiving process and your invoices are sent and/or received via the safe and reliable Peppol network.

The main advantages are that the Peppol network is secure and the documents (e.g. invoices, orders and packing slips) are exchanged in one standard format. Peppol is used by companies, but also, for example, by the national government.

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Connecting your organisation to Peppol

Large organisations or those with a high volume of invoices often use ERP or custom-made software. With a direct connection, you can always send secure e-invoices via the Peppol network. This solution is very suitable for organisations that want to keep their billing or invoice processing in-house and want to securely e-invoice. You decide which invoices you send via Peppol and which you want to send in another way.

Do you want to know how this works in practice? Then read the case study of Attero study or download our free white paper. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

barrier-free e-invoicing for your users

Connect the software you develop to Peppol

Are you a software supplier and do you want to allow your users to e-invoice directly from your software via Peppol? This is also possible with a direct connection.

We enable the native integration of Peppol into your software. Your users can receive e-invoices via Peppol and send them at the touch of a button.

Exact, Moneybird, WeFact and SnelStart have connected their software to Peppol via our APaaS solution. Want to know more about connecting your software? Then download our free white paper or contact us without obligation.


Advantages of your own connection to Peppol

  • Send and receive documents in one format

  • Document exchange based on own Peppol certificates

  • Access to the Peppol discovery engine (SMP/SML)

Secure e-invoicing with Peppol - Peppol Access Point

Advantages of using tradeinterop

  • Fully managed cloud-native environment: We manage the solution for you

  • Trusted technology: Our Access Point as a Service solution is used by large companies and software packages, including Exact, Moneybird and Snelstart. Your invoices are in good hands with us

  • Experience: We have a lot of experience in integrating this solution. We guide you in testing all your billing scenarios

  • Suits your organisation: No major IT / change projects are required. Our APaaS solution fits in with your current way of working

  • Future-proof: E-procurement is in full swing. We ensure that developments (e.g. new standards and protocols) are automatically supported

Your Peppol Access Point and format conversion

All documents you send or receive via Peppol have the same format. This is convenient, because then you know for sure that both you and your customer can process the document.

Does your own software not generate the format that Peppol requires? No problem, we will convert the format created by your software to the format required by Peppol. The same applies to incoming documents. In that case, we convert the Peppol format to the format that your software uses. We convert invoices from and to various formats, including SAP iDoc, Peoplesoft and Sales.

Peppol discovery engine

Peppol has an address book that can determine (based on data from the recipient) whether and how this recipient wants to receive his e-invoices. Here you can easily check what your customers want.

Full control

You remain in control of your billing or invoice processing. You decide which invoices you send via Peppol and which you send via another channel. You are not dependent on third parties for this.

Your connection always up to date

We ensure that your connection is properly maintained and that updates and changes from Peppol are implemented. This way, you do not have to worry about the connection after implementation.

Integration with your software

Integrating your software with the Peppol network can be done in various ways. We support a RESTful API, but you can also connect via other channels such as sFTP, Web services, and even e-mail.


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