is your customer asking for an e-invoice?

E-invoicing with your own accounting software

Sending e-invoices

Does your customer ask for an e-invoice? Most accounting packages in the Netherlands have the option of creating an e-invoice (UBL) and sending it by e-mail. Often not only is an e-invoice requested, but the e-invoice must also be delivered via the secure Peppol network. An example of an organisation that requires this is the central government.


With some accounting packages, it is possible to send e-invoices directly from the software via Peppol. If your accounting software cannot do this, but your software can mail an e-invoice (UBL), then we can send the e-invoice via Peppol to your customer.

Via a secure e-mail link, you send your e-invoices to our platform and we send them for you via Peppol. Peppol requires a special UBL format in order to use the network. If your accounting software uses a different format, we automatically convert your e-invoices to the format prescribed by Peppol.

secure e-invoicing


You can also send attachments with your e-invoice. In addition to an e-invoice, we always deliver a PDF invoice. You can send your own PDF for this purpose. In most software packages, you can indicate that you want to send a UBL + PDF. If there is no PDF invoice, it will be automatically generated by us and sent along with the UBL.

Perhaps you will also send other attachments, such as a time sheet? You can add these as attachments to the e-mail.

This is how e-invoicing works with your accounting software

  • Check here how you can connect your software package to tradeinterop.

  • Create an account on the tradeinterop platform. (Click here for help creating your account)

  • Send an e-mail to with the details of the customer(s) to whom you want to send e-invoices.

  • Please mark in your software package that you also want to send an XML (UBL) and fill in the e-mail address you received from us here

  • You can invoice as usual! You can synchronise your sent and received invoices with your own software package.

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