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Peppol for software developers

Connect your software directly to Peppol

Companies are making increasing demands on their software packages. Their financial software must be able to connect to that of their customers and suppliers. Packing slips, orders, and invoices must all be able to be transferred electronically from one system to another. 

With the tradeinterop API you can connect your software easily with other software. This can be done, for example, via the secure and reliable Peppol network.

Access Point As a Service - tradeinterop

Peppol Access Point as a Service

  • State of the art
    Secure, reliable and high performance environment, implemented cloud native.

  • Easy implementation
    The Tradeinterop Access Point as a Service is easy to integrate with your software through a RESTful API, test & development facilities and low-threshold API documentation.

  • Very complete API
    Complete Peppol API for invoice and order messages, status, receiver lookup and user management.

  • Secure & reliable
    Tradeinterop is ISO27001 certified and uses a PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 certified platform to ensure the security of your billing data.

  • Always compliant
    Your connection is always up-to-date, because tradeinterop manages the access point, including updates to the Peppol specifications.

  • Extra features
    Access to the tradeinterop format conversion, validation and enrichment engine.


E-invoicing with Peppol

Determine whether the order or invoice will reach the recipient before sending a document .

Sending and receiving documents
The Send/Receive API allows you to easily send and receive documents such as orders and invoices  in all supported Peppol formats. 

Checking the status
With the Status API, you  receive the status of sent orders and invoices in your software. This way, your software user is always aware of the status of a sent document.

tradeinterop API - peppol

Peppol for software developers is arranged in four steps


Create an account on the tradeinterop platform:


Request an API key by sending an e-mail to


Develop the APIs for sending and receiving messages and for checking the status.


Test the integration together with tradeinterop.

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