How our e-invoicing solution saves up to £30 per invoice

  • No more handling of paper & PDF documents

  • Elimination of expensive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software

  • No more manual enrichment of invoice & booking data

e-invoicing with ERP software

This is how we help you

We have a cloud-based solution that saves our customers between £12 and £30 per invoice.

Save costs by eliminating paper- and manual processes

A set of easy to use tools for suppliers to send e-invoices straight from your own ERP or accounting software, including connections to the Pan-European Peppol network.

Gain insight in, and optimize your invoice flows

An easy-to-use and flexible dashboard where you can analyse invoice flows, see supplier performance, detect anomalies in invoice flows and monitor other KPI’s.

Eliminate the complexity in onboarding

A proactive communication and information campaign towards all of your suppliers, targeted towards both your large strategic suppliers as well as your incidental suppliers.

Webinar ‘E-invoicing in the UK’

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During the webinar, we will tell you more about what e-invoicing is, what the future trends of e-invoicing are and how you can save costs with e-invoicing.

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Send e-invoices easily

Sending e-invoices should be easy. And with our solution it is.

We convert your e-invoice into the format your customer needs. Sending e-invoices via the secure Peppol network? We handle that. All your e-invoice needs in one easy to use system.

Process e-invoices automatically

Receiving e-invoices saves a lot of time and money. Tradeinterop makes e-invoicing easy.

We convert the e-invoices you receive into the format you need. Do you want to receive all your e-invoices via the secure Peppol network? We make it happen.

Three steps to reduce costs up to 70%

Our clients realize cost savings up to 70% of their current total cost of invoice processing. This is how they do it:

Step 1: Integrate

We integrate our transaction network with your ERP system. By adapting to your standards and formats we greatly reduce implementation complexity.

Our transaction network securely connects to many other supplier systems. Hence we make it convenient for your suppliers to start e-invoicing.

Step 2: Onboard suppliers

We don’t stop after the technical implementation. We help you onboard suppliers and gain experience with the processing of e-invoices.

Based on our experience we can optimize your invoicing process by ensuring that your suppliers deliver high quality invoice data.

Step 3: Go live!

During the live phase you can monitor your invoicing flows using our realtime dashboard.

This dashboard provides insights into the performance of your suppliers and the status of your received invoices. This helps you continuously improve & optimize your invoice processing.

The result

By implementing electronic invoicing our clients were able to reduce the total cost of processing an invoice from € 9.15 to € 3.00. A cost saving of € 6.17 per invoice.

Our clients can process more than 50,000 e-invoices per year with just 1 FTE, where in the paper & PDF world 7 FTE were required.

More information and pricing


£ 18.99 p.m.

  • 50 invoices per month included

  • E-invoicing portal

  • E-invoicing via Peppol

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+ Mailing an UBL from accounting software
+ Create credit notes
+ Send your own attachments
+ Online archive kept for 7 years
+ Format conversion
+ Portal for manual additions


£ 85.00 p.m.

  • 250 invoices per month included

  • E-ordering

  • Everything in ‘Essential’

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+ Additional delivery/receiving channels, such as S-FTP and SOAP
+ Invoices and orders in your own format


On request

  • 500 invoices per month included

  • Customised integration

  • Everything in ‘Premium’

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+ Configurable validation engine

Why tradeinterop?

Advantages of your own connection to Peppol

  • Send and receive documents in one format

  • Document exchange based on own Peppol certificates

  • Access to the Peppol discovery engine (SMP/SML)

Advantages of using tradeinterop

  • Fully managed cloud-native environment: We manage the solution for you

  • Trusted technology: Our Access Point as a Service solution is used by large companies and software packages, including Exact and Moneybird. Your invoices are in good hands with us

  • Experience: We have a lot of experience in integrating this solution. We guide you in testing all your billing scenarios

  • Suits your organisation: No major IT / change projects are required. Our APaaS solution fits in with your current way of working

  • Future-proof: E-procurement is in full swing. We ensure that developments (e.g. new standards and protocols) are automatically supported

E-invoicing guide

  • Roadmap for the implementation of e-invoicing

  • Tips for making e-invoicing successful

  • Background information on e-invoicing

White paper e-invoicing with Peppol

What is Peppol?

Peppol is an international network that enables the secure exchange of e-invoices and other electronic documents between organisations.

Do you want to send e-invoices (or e-orders) via Peppol? We help you with the connection that suits your organisation.

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