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E-invoicing with your ERP software

Is your organisation already working with e-invoicing? Although they are two very different processes, the term e-invoicing includes both sending e-invoices and receiving them. A switch to e-invoicing often comes from the desire to optimise the processes surrounding incoming invoices or is actually triggered by customers requesting e-invoices.

Sending e-invoices (and e-orders) with your ERP software

Organisations are increasingly confronted with requests to submit e-invoices. However, many ERP and customised software and processes cannot be changed just like that.

Yet even then, e-invoicing does not have to be complicated. We help you e-invoice with your existing software and make use of the possibilities the software offers.

Security is becoming increasingly important, also in the field of document exchange. E-invoices, e-orders and electronic packing slips are usually exchanged securely via the Peppol network. We convert the format of your invoices to the Peppol format and send your invoices via Peppol to your customers.

We support many formats, including UBL, DICO (SALES and INSBOU), SETU, Energie eFactuur, UN/CEFACT, iDOC and FatturaPA.

Sending e-invoices
Meeting e-invoicing statistics

Receiving e-invoices (and e-orders)

Receiving e-invoices allows you to make great progress in optimising your invoice processing.

Invoices no longer need to be entered or corrected manually. This not only saves a lot of time, but also prevents errors caused by manual handling.

E-invoicing offers extensive possibilities to increase the quality of incoming invoices, for instance by applying validations and enrichments.

Because e-invoices are processed immediately, you always have real-time insight into the status of your incoming (and outgoing) invoices. This provides opportunities for further process optimisations.

Would you like to receive your invoices via the secure Peppol network? No problem. We make this possible and ensure that the e-invoices are converted to the format that your software can handle.

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Full service e-invoicing platform

Are you looking for a full service solution for sending and receiving your e-invoices?

Then check out the extensive possibilities of our full service e-invoicing platform.

Peppol Access Point as a Service

Are you looking for flexibility in your e-invoicing solution and do you want your own connection to the secure Peppol network?

Take a look at the possibilities of our Peppol Access Point as a Service (APaas).

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