Customer case e-invoicing with Nokavision and Cannock

Last week, we had the pleasure of publishing another great customer case. This time, we would like to tell you more about our e-invoicing cooperation with Nokavision and Cannock. This customer case features Thijs Wolvers, sales director at Nokavision and Raoul Jonkers, supplier performance manager at Cannock.

Cannock uses Nokavision’s software to standardise all their customer communications. Cannock has a customer who was keen to switch to Peppol. Jonkers (Cannock): ‘Initially, we built a solution ourselves at the time, for which we also took care of maintenance. Only, that was much more labour-intensive than we thought. After all, regulations and related requirements changed every week. Moreover, there are all kinds of exceptions and developments follow each other at breakneck speed.’ Looking for a solution, they sought advice from Nokavision.

Nokavision and Cannock

Nokavision has been working with tradeinterop in the field of e-invoicing for some time and together they developed an XML interface that seamlessly integrates with Nokavision’s software, which Cannock uses. Jonkers (Cannock): ‘What goes on behind the interface, under the bonnet, is only in essence important to us. What matters is that everything runs smoothly and that it takes us much less time.’ For Nokavision, e-invoicing is not their core business, but they do have customers who, like Cannock, benefit from implementing e-invoicing in the customer communication management solution they have set up for them. Wolvers (Nokavision) says: ‘This is an essential added value for us that we want to offer our customers. Because of tradeinterop’s expertise, we are confident that our customers will be happy with the final result.’

You can read the full customer case with Nokavision and Cannock here.

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