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SMP as a service

SMP connection

Peppol service providers are required to make recipients connected to Peppol through them discoverable in the ‘Peppol address book’, consisting of the central SML (Service Metadata Locator) and associated decentralized SMP (Service Metadata Publisher).

In the Netherlands, service providers can use the SMP of the Dutch Peppol Authority. However, as of January 1, 2023, this is no longer possible. This means that service providers will have to organize the registration of recipients in the Peppol network themselves. This can be done by developing an SMP yourself or by connecting to the SMP of a provider like tradeinterop.

SMP service

  • Support of the Peppol production environment (SML), test environment (SMK) and Peppol Directory (test and production).

  • Search options on the SML/SMK

  • Works with all Access Points in the Peppol network

  • Since 2020 in use by major software vendors, such as Exact, Moneybird, SnelStart, WeFact and all end users registered with tradeinterop


  • Cloud native implemented with own source code

  • Easy integration via a RESTful API

  • Unlimited scalability, secure and redundant

  • Smart caching for fast response

  • Uptime of at least 99.9% on average per month

  • Works with tradeinterop SMP certificates by default. Use of own SMP certificates is possible

Why tradeinterop

  • Certified OpenPeppol SMP service provider

  • ISO 27001 certified

  • All data within the EU/EEA

  • Dutch and English helpdesk


Many organizations use our SMP, including:

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Tradeinterop has had its own SMP since 2020. This SMP is used not only by us, but also by several major software vendors. Connecting to our SMP is very easy. It’s a matter of plug and play.

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