Does your organisation use SAP software?

E-invoicing with SAP

Send and receive e-invoices (and e-orders) with your SAP software

With the tradeinterop solution you can send e-invoices and e-orders directly from your SAP software via the secure Peppol network. You do not need to log into external accounts or perform any other additional actions. You send the e-invoice directly from SAP.

Receiving e-invoices via Peppol is also easy. The e-invoices and e-orders are loaded directly into your SAP software and you can be sure that the organisation from which you receive the invoices has been verified.

E-invoicing with SAP2Peppol

The advantages of e-invoicing with SAP for your finance and procurement organisation

  • Secure e-invoicing
    Securely exchange e-invoices and e-orders with all organisations connected to the network (including the central government).

  • Short lead time
    Implementation within weeks (sometimes even days).

  • Cost-effective
    A high upfront investment is not necessary. After implementation, you pay per use.

  • No lock-in
    You do not need to make any changes to your system specifically to use tradeinterop.

  • Growing along
    Start small and grow as the invoice flow increases

  • Support
    We understand the importance of your billing process. That’s why we have comprehensive checklists to simplify your transition to e-invoicing and eliminate risks.

  • Easy to use
    Your organisation uses Single Sign-on (SSO)


Whitepaper: E-invoicing with SAP software

The benefits of e-invoicing with SAP for your IT management organisation

  • Native SAP integration
    We convert your outgoing iDoc messages to UBL and your incoming UBL messages to iDoc. You do not need to do any format conversion.

  • Flexibel mapping engine
    We are able to make flexible format adjustments. Implementation is therefore easy and management costs are minimal.

  • Native connection
    We make it possible to integrate native with SAP via HTTPs or SOAP, or via other channels such as sFTP and e-mail.

  • Low management costs
    Our Peppol Access Point is fully managed by us. You have no management costs on the Peppol communciation stack.

  • All Peppol countries
    Our Peppol Access Point is certified for use in all countries that use Peppol. We support all Peppol e-invoice formats.

  • Support for implementation
    We assist with your implementation and have standard implementation checklists.

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