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What is e-procurement?

E-procurement is the logical next step to e-invoicing. Where e-invoicing focuses on the exchange of invoices, e-procurement focuses on the process from sending an order to receiving an invoice.

With e-procurement, you streamline the entire process from placing or receiving an order to processing or sending an e-invoice. E-procurement enables you to execute your processes smarter, control them better and cooperate more efficiently with your customers and suppliers.

Why e-procurement?

E-invoicing with your accounting package

E-procurement provides additional cost savings beyond e-invoicing. Because you exchange the order electronically, the sender does not have to enter the order data manually. This saves your supplier a lot of work, but it also ensures that the data on your invoice corresponds to what was ordered.

E-procurement allows you to automatically match invoices with the orders. If the invoice is correct, you can make it payable fully automatically.

This is how it works

Step 1
You create an e-order in your own software. This can be purchasing, ERP or accounting software.

Step 2
You send the order electronically to your supplier in XML format

Step 3
Your supplier receives the e-order in its own software. There, the supplier can approve, reject or change the order.

Step 4
Your supplier sends an order response back to you. This may be an acceptance, rejection or modification.

Step 5
You process the order response in your system.

Step 6
Your supplier creates an e-invoice according to the data on the (modified) order. This may be a partial invoice.

Step 7
You compare the received invoice against the order data in your system and approve (or reject) the invoice.

e-procurement steps

What are the challenges?

As with e-invoicing, the process of e-ordering has its challenges. Tradeinterop solves these challenges for you:

Different formats
Not all software packages use a standardised XML format. If your supplier’s software supports a different e-order format than your own, we offer a comprehensive conversion engine capable of converting invoices and orders to and from different formats.

Unable to receive orders
Not all software can receive e-orders. Does the same apply to your supplier? With our easy-to-use portal, suppliers can view and change orders and convert them to (partial) e-invoices (order flip).

Differences between documents
Is there a difference between the order details and the invoice details? We validate each order, response and invoice document so that you don’t receive invoices that don’t match the order or the order response.

Our e-procurement tools

Multi-channel and multi-format transaction network

Our multi-channel and multi-format transaction network can receive, send and process orders, order responses and invoices in different formats. We are a Certified Peppol Access Point, so you can also send and receive orders via Peppol.

Easy to use supplier portal

With our easy-to-use supplier portal, suppliers who are not yet able to process e-orders can easily view, modify and invoice orders. Standalone invoices can also be easily created by your supplier.

Control your order and invoice flows

With our online dashboard you get realtime insight into your open orders, order responses and invoices. You can see exactly which orders you have sent or received, which orders have been accepted or refused and which orders have already been (partially) invoiced.

consulting e-procurement

E-procurement consulting


Does your organisation want to start with e-procurement and are you curious about the best steps you can take to benefit from it as soon as possible? Or are you in an e-procurement software selection process and want to know which questions to ask to select the right software? We are happy to help.

Implementation & optimisation

We offer support in implementing your e-procurement system and preparing your organisation for a renewed e-procurement process. In addition, we investigate further optimisation possibilities, such as improving your spend management.


Your suppliers are important for a successful e-procurement process. We help you to onboard your suppliers with our efficient communication tooling.

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