barrier-free e-invoicing


E-invoicing for accountancy and administration offices

Processing paper and PDF invoices takes a lot of time. The use of optical character recognition solutions saves time, but invoices still need to be checked and corrected. With e-invoicing, this is no longer necessary. E-invoices that your customers receive can be processed immediately by your office. In addition to saving a lot of time, this also reduces the risk of errors and fraud.

Tradeinterop makes e-invoicing barrier-free. You no longer need to log into external portals and you do not have to depend on the e-invoicing options offered by a software package.

Barrier-free e-invoicing in various financial software packages

Tradeinterop helps more and more financial software packages to allow their customers to send e-invoices securely and without barriers. We offer software packages that enable their users to e-invoice native in the software. The secure Peppol network is used and users no longer need to log onto an external platform.

If your office and your customer are using one of the software packages below, e-invoices no longer need to be retrieved from external platforms.

Is your customer not yet using e-invoicing? Then you can draw his attention to it and make him aware of the benefits it offers.

barrier-free e-invoicing
E-invoicing for accountancy and administration offices

Always in control with your own e-invoicing connection to Peppol

Not all financial software packages are capable of e-invoicing, certainly not without the use of an external platform.

Tradeinterop is a Peppol Access Point provider and connects your office directly to the Peppol network. As a result, you are no longer dependent on the e-invoicing capabilities of the various software packages used within your organisation. Your organisation is in control and, thanks to the direct connection with your software, you can e-invoice from your software without any barriers. An external platform is therefore not necessary.

Secure e-invoicing, also for smaller accountants and administration offices

An own connection to Peppol is in many cases most interesting for medium-sized and large accountancy or administration offices.

Is your office not quite ready for its own connection yet, but would you like to offer your SME customers the option of secure e-invoicing via this network? This is possible via the tradeinterop platform. This allows customers who cannot use their software to send e-invoices to do so without having to switch to other financial software.

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secure e-invoicing
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