Tradeinterop launches ‘The e-invoicing podcast’

The digitisation of financial processes is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the question is not whether e-invoicing will become the standard, but when. ‘The E-invoicing podcast’ updates listeners on all things related to e-invoicing.

Every organisation encounters e-invoicing sooner or later. For example, anyone wishing to send an invoice to the central government is required to send an e-invoice, and more and more large organisations are requiring e-invoices from their suppliers instead of PDFs. The benefits of receiving e-invoices are great, so more and more companies are making this switch.

Podcast on e-invoicing

To inform and inspire listeners about e-invoicing, tradeinterop is launching ‘The e-invoicing podcast’. Together with experts and pioneers, we discuss e-invoicing in practice, look at the future and discuss what developments and innovations are affecting the playing field.

In the first episode, Martine Hauwert talks to Justin de Jager (Open Peppol and the central government), Joost van den Hondel (Dutch Peppol Authority) and Jaap Jan Nienhuis (tradeinterop). They discuss what e-invoicing is, how e-invoices are exchanged and what role the government plays in it.

You can listen to this first episode on our website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Soundcloud now.

The e-invoicing podcast episode 1

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