Whitepaper ‘Onboarding in e-invoicing, after quantity comes quality’

We recently launched a new whitepaper. In this whitepaper, we discuss the regulations surrounding e-invoicing, Peppol’s role in it and its impact on onboarding. You might think that onboarding would eventually become unnecessary, but the reality is more unruly. You can now read how in our new whitepaper.

In the current landscape, the focus of onboarding is on technically connecting suppliers. The channel(s) available to a supplier and the format in which a supplier can send its e-invoice are considered. If, as a receiving organisation, you support multiple options, you thereby make it easier for the supplier to connect. In fact, most ERP and accounting packages have the ability to send an e-invoice in one way or another.

But isn’t it just a matter of time until eventually every organisation is connected through one standard channel? And then, is onboarding even necessary? In this whitepaper, we explain how and why onboarding will continue to be important in the future.

Download the white paper ‘Onboarding in e-invoicing, after quantity comes quality’ here.

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