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Is your organisation going to start sending and/or receiving e-invoices and do you want to be able to use the secure Peppol network for this?

E-invoicing via tradeinterop’s e-invoicing platform is ideal for organisations that are looking for a full-service solution. You don’t have to worry about data storage, maintenance, updates, format conversion and necessary certificates. You can connect to the Tradeinterop e-invoicing platform with your existing software and we will take care of this:

Multiple delivery channels

By connecting to the tradeinterop e-invoicing platform, you can send and receive e-invoices via various channels, including the secure Peppol network.

Format conversion

We convert all your e-invoices to and from the correct format.

This applies to both incoming and outgoing invoices, regardless of the channel chosen (such as Peppol).

Validation & Enrichment

Validating and enriching incoming invoices enables faster processing. The invoice processing can be further optimised.


All your e-invoices are stored in your online archive. Your e-invoices are stored here for seven years.

If you also send or receive e-orders, these will also be stored in this archive.

Supplier portal

We offer suppliers who do not have e-invoicing capabilities a user-friendly portal to manually create and send e-invoices.

This enables e-invoicing for all your suppliers.

Optional extras

Do you have specific requirements for the connection with our platform? This is possible with customised integration.

Do you want to receive more e-invoices from your suppliers? We also offer support in supplier onboarding.

Your own connection to Peppol

Do you want to send and/or receive e-invoices via Peppol and keep your billing or invoice processing in-house? Then ‘Peppol Access Point as a Service’ is a good fit for your organisation. More detailed information on this topic can be found in our free downloadable white paper ‘Secure e-invoicing for large organisations‘.

Many organisations work with us, including:

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