Joost Diepenmaat (Moneybird) as a guest on ‘The e-invoicing podcast’

The second episode of ‘The e-invoicing podcast’ is now available to listen to. In this episode, Joost Diepenmaat, Co-founder and COO at Moneybird, is our guest.

Together with Martine Hauwert and Jaap Jan Nienhuis (e-invoicing expert at tradeinterop), Joost discusses the role of ERP and accounting packages in the creation and adoption of Peppol.

Make it easy

“Frustration is my best inspiration,” says Joost when asked about the origins of Moneybird. While doing business, Joost and his co-founder ran into administrative frustrations. This is how the idea was born to make doing administration as easy as possible for entrepreneurs. E-invoicing fits well with that goal. This is the reason why Joost was involved in setting up this network back in the early days of Simplerinvoicing (later Peppol). This podcast discusses the steps taken since then and how Joost sees Peppol’s future.

Every organisation switching to Peppol

Moneybird was one of the first Dutch software packages to build in e-invoicing via Peppol into their software. Meanwhile, 35,000 entrepreneurs e-invoice with Moneybird through Peppol. Wondering how they did it? The podcast covers not only how Moneybird implemented Peppol, but also how they got so many entrepreneurs excited about using Peppol.

The e-invoicing podcast - Moneybird episode

Yet Peppol is not yet built into every software package. But why not actually? Jaap Jan and Joost discuss the reasons behind this. They also discuss what challenges exist in the market and what it will take to further increase e-invoicing adoption, so that soon every organisation will be able to use the benefits of e-invoicing.

Are you curious about the latest episode of ‘The e-invoicing podcast’? Then listen to it on this page, directly on Spotify or via another podcast app.

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