Tradeinterop at Exact Live

Last week, tradeinterop colleague Jaap Jan spoke at an Exact Live Talkshow about e-invoicing and the goal of making e-invoicing easy for end users.

For the answer to that question, we start at Peppol. Peppol is an Exact Live took place digitally for the first time this year. Participants could register before and during the event and participate in the sessions online. During a session with Tom van Beers (Exact) and Stephanie Sahulata (DuurzaamNL), Jaap Jan got to talk about e-invoicing via Peppol.

Exact and Peppol

Tradeinterop provides the connection of Exact to the Peppol network and enables Exact users to easily send and receive e-invoices.

Like Jaap Jan himself, Exact has been involved with Simplerinvoicing from the beginning with the goal of enabling e-invoicing in ERP and accounting software. Many steps have been taken in the meantime, and Simplerinvoicing has now passed into the Dutch Peppol Authority..

Of course we also look ahead and Jaap Jan gives a hint of the developments that are coming in the next few years.

Are you a software supplier and want to connect your software to Peppol as well? Then contact us or download our white paper.

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