Dutch Peppol Authority

As of October 1, 2020, the Dutch Peppol Authority (NPa) has taken over the operations of the Simplerinvoicing Foundation. What exactly is the Dutch Peppol Authority and does this change affect my connection to Peppol? In this article, we answer these questions.

What is the Dutch Peppol Authority?

For the answer to that question, we start at Peppol. Peppol is a secure network for exchanging electronic documents, such as invoices, orders and packing slips. Peppol started as a European initiative, but now more and more countries outside Europe are joining this network.

secure e-invoicing

Peppol itself is an umbrella organization divided into communities/authorities. Each country has its own Peppol authority and in order to use the network, an organization must be affiliated with an authority. In the Netherlands, this is the Dutch Peppol Authority, formerly Simplerinvoicing.

In the Netherlands, this is the Dutch Peppol Authority, formerly Simplerinvoicing.

You can join the NPa directly as an organization, but generally organizations on Peppol are connected through a service provider like tradeinterop. If you can e-invoice directly from your software through Peppol, your software supplier has arranged this for you.

From Simplerinvoicing to the Dutch Peppol Authority

The Simplerinvoicing Foundation was the Dutch Peppol community for many years. As of October 1, 2020, the Dutch government has taken over the tasks of Simplerinvoicing and placed them in the NPa.

For organizations that were already connected to the Peppol network through tradeinterop, nothing has changed. We still ensure that all your electronic documents are exchanged securely through the Peppol network.

Do you have questions about your connection to Peppol? Feel free to contact us!

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