Podcast with UWV: implementing e-invoicing

Implementing e-invoicing at large government organisations. What does that look like in practice? We discuss that in this podcast with Frank Vis, Senior Project Manager at UWV and Rob Frederiks, Manager Accounts Payable, Financial Economic Affairs at UWV.

UWV started e-invoicing about 10 years ago. Last year, UWV processed 620,000 invoices, 72% of which were e-invoices. In this podcast, they talk more about implementing e-invoicing and how they approach it as an organisation.

Supporting suppliers with e-invoicing

Jaap Jan (e-invoicing expert at tradeinterop) explains why he thinks UWV is a good example of how large government organisations can approach the implementation of e-invoicing. This is because it is not only important to look at e-invoicing from your own organisation’s perspective, but also from your suppliers’ perspective. Frank and Rob explain how UWV supports its suppliers in making the switch to e-invoicing and why communication plays such a big role in this.

Internal support

Engagement and accessibility are important aspects for UWV. This applies to both suppliers and the internal organisation. For a good implementation of e-invoicing, support within one’s own organisation is indispensable. But how do you create support within your organisation? How do you turn employees into true ambassadors? U hoort het in de nieuwste aflevering van ‘De e-facturatie podcast’.

Listen to the podcast here, on Spotify or via another podcast app.

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