New white paper on status messages in Peppol

‘I sent my e-invoice through Peppol. And now? Within more and more accounting and ERP packages, it is possible to send (and receive) e-invoices via the secure Peppol network. But how does a user know what the status of his invoice is, after pressing send?

Front of white paper invoice response message

The Invoice Response Message (IRM).

Peppol has developed a process for handling errors and providing feedback on statuses called the Invoice Response Message (IRM). In our latest white paper, we talk more about the different types of messages available in Peppol and discuss the capabilities of the IRM. We additionally go into detail on how software vendors and organizations that are themselves connected to Peppol can implement IRM.

Summary: Will you be working with status messages in Peppol? Then quickly download this white paper.

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