The roadmap to e-procurement

Now that many organisations are working on e-invoicing or implementing it, they are also increasingly looking at digitising the rest of the chain. What role e-procurement plays in this, what it is exactly and what the benefits are, Jaap Jan Nienhuis explains in this video.

E-procurement, should I be doing something with it?

Is your organisation not yet engaged in e-procurement? Jaap Jan explains why it is important to include e-procurement in every phase of the digitalisation process, so that you will be ready for e-procurement in the future. Using our roadmap, he gives you the tools to grow from e-invoicing to e-procurement together with your customers and suppliers.

Straight to e-procurement?

It can be very interesting for organisations to start with e-procurement and e-invoicing on a small scale. One of the key success factors of e-invoicing is supplier onboarding. You ask suppliers for e-invoices because it offers your organisation many advantages, but for suppliers the added value is more limited. Digitising the procurement process makes it possible to offer more benefits to the supplier. You can submit an e-order to your supplier from your own software. This can be automatically read into his system and no more manual actions need to be taken. Especially when customers and suppliers do business with each other frequently, this is of great benefit to both parties.

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