Let software users e-invoice to Belgium


Did you know that every organisation in Belgium can be reached via the Peppol network? To achieve this, the Belgian government has developed the Hermes platform. Tradeinterop has an integration with Hermes and thereby makes e-invoicing to Belgian organisations even easier.

This is how e-invoicing to Belgian customers works

Every Belgian organisation has a Peppol ID. So a sender can always send an e-invoice to his Belgian recipient. If the customer is directly connected to Peppol (or via his accounting / ERP software), the e-invoice is delivered directly to the recipient. If the recipient does not yet have a connection to Peppol, the e-invoice is captured by Hermes. Hermes then ensures that the invoice is delivered to the recipient by e-mail.

The big advantage for senders is that they no longer have to distinguish which customers want to receive e-invoices and which do not. In time, the aim is for every Belgian organisation to be connected to Peppol either directly or via its accounting and ERP software.

Easily send e-invoices to Belgian recipients

Thanks to the integration with Hermes, it has become even easier for software suppliers who use tradeinterop to allow their users to send e-invoices to their customers in Belgium via Peppol. Do you want to know more about this? Then contact us for more information.

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