E-invoicing portal scores 100% on Internet.nl

logo internet.nl

Tradeinterop’s e-invoicing portal has been listed in Internet.nl’s ‘Hall of Fame’.

Portal.tradeinterop.com scores 100% in the Internet.nl website test. This means that our e-invoicing portal is completely up-to-date and not only uses modern and reliable Internet standards, but also complies with the highest security standards as laid down in the guidelines of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Internet.nl aims to jointly increase the use of modern internet standards and thereby make the internet more accessible, safer and more reliable for everyone.

Internet.nl is an initiative of the Internet community and the Dutch government. We have several government organisations as customers and, of course, it is important for them that the e-invoicing portal used by their suppliers is secure and reliable. The 100% score on Internet.nl is therefore a good addition to the other measures we are taking to this end.

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