KPN starts using e-invoicing via Peppol

In an interview with the NMBF, Hans Hodes, product owner billing business market, talks about his ambition to switch with KPN to e-invoicing via Peppol.

“At the moment, about 3 percent of KPN’s business customers can be reached via Peppol, we measured that recently,” said Hodes. “We can start sending those customers e-invoices. So we are really at the beginning, but I expect this to change very quickly. From May 2021, we will have set up a changeover process for our customers to switch to e-invoicing. In the second half of the year, those customers will also be able to turn e-invoicing on or off themselves via the KPN website, it is planned.”

stack of paper invoices

Secure e-invoicing

KPN sends about 5 million invoices to business customers. It is therefore very good news that they are going to start sending e-invoices. Business customers can save a lot of time processing invoices by receiving e-invoices, and because they are sent over the secure Peppol network, the recipients also know for sure that the invoices come from KPN.

Receiving e-invoices via Peppol

A condition for receiving e-invoices from KPN is that the recipient is connected to the Peppol network. More and more accounting and ERP packages offer the option of receiving e-invoices (via Peppol). For software users who cannot receive e-invoices via this secure network, a Peppol Access Point provider offers a solution. A Peppol access point provider, such as tradeinterop, connects your software to Peppol. Does your software use a different format of e-invoice than Peppol? No problem, we convert the invoices to the format that your software can handle. More information on this topic can be found on our pages about e-invoicing with your own accounting or ERP software. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Source of interview with KPN: NMBF

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