Government wants 30-day payment term for large companies

State Secretary Keijzer (Economic Affairs) and Minister Dekker (Legal Protection) want large companies to pay their SME suppliers faster. The statutory payment period of 60 days will then be reduced to 30 days.

The evaluation of the Large Business Payments Act shows that the average payment term increased to 41.1 days in the second quarter of 2019 (source: NOS).

As an entrepreneur, when the law comes into force, you will have the opportunity to recover costs from large companies that do not comply with the measures. In the context of customer relations, you may be faced with a difficult choice. Is there any other option?

Stack of invoices


More and more large companies can receive e-invoices. By sending an e-invoice, you make the processing of your invoice much easier for your customer. An e-invoice is processed directly in the recipient’s administration. This saves your customer a lot of time, but it also ensures that your invoice is registered immediately and does not lie in a post box or a mailbox for a couple of weeks before it is processed.

Can your organisation already send e-invoices? Many financial packages have the option of generating a UBL. Using the tradeinterop platform, you can easily send e-invoices from your accounting software or ERP software via the secure Peppol network.

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