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What is Peppol?

Secure e-invoicing

Peppol  (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is the  European secure network, managed by the European Commission, that  enables the safe and reliable exchange of invoices and orders according to a standard (UBL). This way, documents can be exchanged  with, for example, the Dutch government and companies throughout Europe. In addition to European countries, countries outside Europe are now also using it.
The network consists of “communities”, also called “authorities”. Each country has its own authority and in the Netherlands this is the Netherlands Peppol Authority (NPa). To be able to exchange messages securely via this network, an organisation must use an ‘Access Point’. This can be done via an access point provider or by connecting as an organisation yourself.

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Tradeinterop as a Peppol Access Point

Tradeinterop is a Peppol Access Point and can easily connect your organisation to this secure network. With our connection, you do not need to have any knowledge of Peppol and your Access Point will always meet the latest specifications. You can find more information about this via the button ‘Full-service e-invoicing platform’.

Does your organisation develop its own software and do you want to make it easy for your software users to send secure e-invoices? Then please read our page for software suppliers.

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Why connect to Peppol?

It offers significant advantages over other channels, such as e-mail. Invoices exchanged through this network contain guarantees for the security, privacy and reliability of the invoices. In addition, e-invoicing via Peppol offers greater ease of use for both large and small organisations.

Peppol has an  address book  that, based on data from a recipient (Chamber of Commerce, VAT, OIN, IBAN, GLN, etc.), can determine whether and how this recipient wishes to receive its e-invoices. This way, a sender can easily check how the recipient wants to receive an e-invoice.

This channel is suitable for freelancers, SMEs and large organisations as well. Smaller organisations, for example, do not need to log on to different platforms from large organisations to be able to e-invoice. More and more large organisations require it as an incoming channel.

Peppol gives more certainty that the invoice can be received and processed. Security aspects such as confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and reliability of delivery contribute to unburdening the sender and the recipient.

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