E-invoicing with SAP, without a costly module

Globally, Peppol is becoming increasingly popular. However, SAP generates e-invoices in its own IDoc format, which is very different from the UBL format used in Peppol. We have a solution.

E-invoicing: sometimes you can’t do otherwise. For example, if you want to send an invoice to the central government. But the number of commercial organisations wanting to receive e-invoices is also growing rapidly. And their request increasingly goes hand in hand with the term Peppol.

Peppol is a secure international network that allows you to exchange invoices and other commercial documents safely and securely with governments and other organisations connected to Peppol. All documents you send or receive through Peppol have the same UBL format. So you can be sure that both you and your customer can process the document automatically. This saves time and avoids errors. As a result, electronic invoices are often in the recipient’s system within minutes, without human intervention.

‘I work with SAP, but my customers want Peppol’

More and more companies are therefore asking for secure e-invoices via Peppol. As an SAP user, you can easily connect to Peppol via tradeinterop, without having to purchase additional modules from SAP. With the SAP2Peppol. gateway from tradeinterop, you can send e-invoices directly from your SAP software via Peppol’s secure network. We connect to what you can already do and make it as easy as possible.

Easy e-invoicing with SAP and Peppol

After a short implementation period, you can send an e-invoice in IDoc format to our platform (API) from various SAP environments. We then automatically convert your outgoing IDoc messages to UBL and put them on the Peppol network. No need to log into external accounts but send the e-invoice directly from SAP. This way, the impact on your billing process is minimal.

Our implementation of e-invoicing

Just a few words about the short implementation period. Which involves tuning up 2 things together after a kickoff meeting:

Invoice fields
To convert and deliver your invoices through Peppol, we need to establish the structure of your current IDoc and the meaning of all fields. To do so, you send us a test IDoc and we convert it to the Peppol format.

We then test the conversion (mapping) for all your invoice scenarios, such as debit, credit, discounts and surcharges, so that all invoice data is eventually exchanged correctly.

Secure connection
In addition, we provide a secure connection between your SAP environment and our platform. To this end, we set up an HTTPS connection with OAuth or Basic Authentication. After the testing process, we will go live. From now on, e-invoicing is no longer done via PDFs in e-mails, but via an HTTP mail.

5 x therefore e-invoicing with your own SAP software

If you are not yet completely convinced: these are the benefits of e-invoicing with SAP via tradeinterop’s gateway:
Minimum management costs
No high upfront investment. After implementation, you pay per use.
No lock-in
No adjustments to your system required to work with tradeinterop.
Native connection
Native integration with SAP via HTTPS or SOAP, or via other channels such as sFTP and e-mail.
In control yourself
You decide which invoices you do and do not send via Peppol.
Assistance with implementation
We think with you and have checklists to simplify the transition to e-invoicing and eliminate risks.

Roadmap for connecting SAP to Peppol

Connecting your existing SAP software easily and efficiently to the secure Peppol network? View the step-by-step plan in our whitepaper ‘E-invoicing with SAP software’ or contact Jaap Jan Nienhuis at jaapjan.nienhuis@tradeinterop.com or 088 – 200 8000.

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