UBL 2.2 public review? What does that mean for my business?

January 31, 2017, OASIS, the standards group behind UBL, launched a new draft version of UBL for public review. This new version (2.2) includes an update to the standard for invoices, orders, etc. See

  • UBL 2.2 is a fully backward compatible format for UBL 2.1. That means UBL 2.1 documents are supported by everyone who will soon support 2.2.
  • UBL 2.2 supports 16 new document types for tendering, transportation, directories and contracts, etc.
  • UBL 2.2 does not include an update to the invoice or order document. Invoices and orders in UBL 2.2 therefore remain the same.
  • Expected release date is December 2017.
  • Tradeinterop removes the complexity that different versions of an invoice standard bring to customers and suppliers.

In short, no impact for now on the e-invoice, e-order etc. Of course, tradeinterop will study whether we can do nice new things with the new document types.

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