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E-invoicing for sustainable and efficient invoice processing

We ask you as a supplier of Staatsbosbeheer to send us electronic invoices (e-invoices) from now on. Like many other organisations, we also see the benefits of e-invoicing and therefore, in the coming years, we want to focus on receiving as many e-invoices as possible.

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An e-invoice is an invoice in UBL (XML) format. A paper or PDF invoice is not included in the definition of an e-invoice. To help you deliver your e-invoice, here’s how your organisation can get started with e-invoicing easily.

Whether you create your invoices in a text editor, via your accounting software or in your own financial system, e-invoicing to Staatsbosbeheer is easy and fast.

My software package supports Peppol

Add the Chamber of Commerce number of Staatsbosbeheer as e-invoice address in your software package and you can send your invoice immediately. The Chamber of Commerce number for Staatsbosbeheer is: 30263544

I create invoices in my accounting software

Does your software package not support Peppol? Staatsbosbeheer also supports UBL, SETU, Energie eFactuur and UN/CEFACT. You can e-mail these e-invoices as an attachment to kvk30263544@invoices.tradeinterop.com.

I create invoices in Word or Excel (or a similar program)

Then you can easily e-invoice by using the tradeinterop portal. This portal is free for invoices to Staatsbosbeheer. With this portal, you can easily create and send invoices and have insight into their status.

Your e-invoice must contain an order reference. Use as order reference the order number or cost centre number that you received from Staatsbosbeheer. Order numbers always start with 50 or 55 followed by 6 digits and cost center numbers start with BEC followed by 3 digits, e.g. 50123456 or BEC019.

The order reference must be entered in the OrderReference/ID field. In most software, this is a standard field when creating an invoice. If this field is not activated by default, your software supplier can tell you where to find it in your software. Do you use the tradeinterop portal? Then you can enter the order reference in the field ‘Customer order number’.

Note: The Client will bear the cost of tradeinterop for the Contractor for sending e-invoices to the Forestry Commission from 01-05-2021 to 15-10-2024. Client will evaluate this after 2 years and possibly bear the costs for an additional 2 years + another 2 years. This period of up to 6 years is a temporary measure; after this period, the Supplier is expected to be equipped to send e-invoices to the Client. If you choose tradeinterop’s services under option 1 (portal instead of text editor) or 2 (link with accounting package) and you also want to use this infrastructure for other ministries or customers, there may be costs for the services as far as these relate to e-invoicing to other ministries/other customers.

Staatsbosbeheer works with the tradeinterop platform

Tradeinterop has a solution for every entrepreneur: from the SME who wants to start e-invoicing with one or two customers, to the large enterprise that wants more control over the order and invoice process.

If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.