Podcast: suppliers onboarding to e-invoicing

This is already the fifth episode of ‘The e-invoicing podcast’. This time, our guest is Nick van den Berg, Project Consultant e-invoicing at TriFinance. From his role at TriFinance, Nick helps Dutch organisations with e-invoicing and is also involved in international legislation around e-invoicing.

Supplier onboarding: in practice

This episode focuses on how to include suppliers in a move to e-invoicing. Nick and our colleague Jaap Jan Nienhuis share their experiences from practice. For example, that it is best to start onboarding as early as possible. Nick says: ‘If you start onboarding after implementation, you run into issues that you could perhaps have dealt with during implementation.’ Besides technical aspects, it is also very important to include your own organisation when switching to e-invoicing. In the podcast, Nick and Jaap Jan elaborate on this and explain why this contributes to successful supplier onboarding.

To make e-invoicing mandatory or not?

Opinions on whether the government should mandate e-invoicing sometimes differ among experts. Nick and Jaap Jan both give their views on an obligation and discuss what an obligation would mean for the e-invoicing landscape.

What if e-invoicing adoption lags behind?

It also discusses what aspects complicate supplier onboarding. Jaap Jan gives the example: ‘Often, high requirements are set for the quality of e-invoices. Suppliers are then unable to meet them, so the supplier cannot be onboarded. In that case, the expectations from an organisation are too high and therefore adoption lags behind.’ How do you deal with this as an organisation what does it take for suppliers to successfully switch to e-invoicing?
Finally, Nick gives another valuable tip that you definitely don’t want to miss. Listen to the new episode of ‘The e-invoicing podcast’ here. Click here for a direct link to Spotify.

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