What e-invoicing can do for your organisation?

Quick scan e-invoicing

Insight into your invoicing process

Find out what e-invoicing (both sending and receiving) can do for your organisation with our free quickscan in 30 minutes.

Do you receive or send more than 250 invoices per month? Then make an appointment without obligation to draw up your personal quick scan. Our e-invoicing quick scan was created by combining an advanced calculation model with market data. This gives you maximum insight into your invoicing process and potential savings with minimum effort.

Quick scan for sending and receiving e-invoices

Your input

Filling in the tradeinterop quick scan is easy: you do not have to analyse your entire organisation beforehand. Five pieces of information are enough to estimate your costs and revenues.

parameters of the scan

Insight into your costs

Gain insight into which cost components you currently have for processing invoices and how they are distributed.

insight into costs of current process

What are your savings

Calculate the savings you can make in three years by adopting e-invoicing and find out how to achieve them.

bar chart savings quickscan e-invoicing

And your customer’s savings

Get an insight into how much cost you will save for yourself and your customer when you start sending e-invoices.

savings with e-invoicing

How do you get suppliers on board?

We give you insight into the challenges you face in getting your suppliers on board: what types of suppliers do you have and how can you best get them to switch to e-invoicing? Click here for more information on tradeinvite.


What does your software landscape look like?

The quick scan gives you an insight into your current software and process landscape and where the possible points of attention lie when digitising your financial process.

current situation quick scan e-invoicing

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