Starting with onboarding begins with the

Quick scan supplier onboarding

Insight into your supplier portfolio

Onboarding your suppliers to e-invoicing starts with insight into your current situation. With our free quickscan, you will discover in 10 minutes how you can take your suppliers along in the transition to e-invoicing. The tradeinterop quick scan is based on many years of experience with supplier unboarding. We combine an advanced calculation model with market data, so that you get maximum insight into how to successfully onboard your suppliers with minimum effort.

Your onboarding strategy

The quick scan answers the following questions:

  • How many suppliers do you need to onboard to achieve your objective?

  • Which supplier categories do you have and how do you connect them to e-invoicing?

  • How does your supplier list compare to the averages and what does that mean for supplier onboarding? What pitfalls can you expect?

  • What onboarding strategy should you adopt for your suppliers?

These 4 questions are presented in a clear and well-organised infographic, which is tailored to your situation.

Screenshot quickscan supplier onboarding

Your data

We will treat your data confidentially and after completing the quick scan we will delete your data. We may use consolidated and anonymised data to improve the benchmark. The data you provide will not be stored or passed on to third parties.

Requesting a quick scan


E-mail an Excel or .csv file with your suppliers and the number of invoices per supplier to


Tradeinterop processes your data and prepares your quick scan.


You will receive your completed quick scan by e-mail.